OSRAM KNX interface for bi-directional communication between KNX system and DALI network IF 250 - Accessoires divers

Interface KNX pour la communication bidirectionnelle entre le système KNX et le réseau DALI. Caractéristiques produit: Fully configured with the ETS Software and handles up to 250 group objects, Powered via KNX Bus, no dedicated power supply necessary, KNX programming interface according to KNXnet/IP specification, LEDs show different work modes and communication errors on LAN and KNX Bus, Buttons for diagnose functionality, Avantages produits: Bi-directional communication between KNX and compatible OSRAM LMS und sensors, In combination with DALI Professional, app control additionally to KNX possible, With DALI Professional, DALI sensor information in KNX is available, Connected to DALI Professional facilitates a solid and easy light regulation, In combination with DALI Professional HCL, RGB solutions in KNX possible, Domaines d'application: Industry with heavy duty light regulation even in high bay areas, Office with high end HCL functionality, Representative areas with multi-color effects and Tunable White, Shop and retail with colored and Tunable White lighting, Healthcare and hospitality with HCL functionality, Données techniques: Longueur: 90 mm, Largeur: 18 mm, Hauteur: 62 mm, Poids net: 40 g, Courant nominal: 20 mA, Matériel: Plastique, Couleur: Gris, EAN: 4062172020008

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